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Log-fold change is the mean difference in log2-scale and in standard deviation units, so ‘log-fold change = 1’ means a ratio of 2σ for the mean of Group 1 versus the mean of Group 2. Distribution of the true differences shows the log-fold changes of the truly DE genes. The following scenarios are used:

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DDN271F2: (A) Volcano plot of log2 fold-change versus −log10 FDR-corrected P-value for all probes deemed present in at least four of the eight microarrays analyzed. Green lines denote the selected 2-fold change cutoff, while the red line denotes the 0.05 selected FDR-corrected P-value cutoff.
The RQ is your fold change compared to the calibrator (untreated sample, time zero, etc.). The calibrator has a RQ value of 1. All samples are compared to the calibrator. A RQ of 10 means that this gene is 10 times more expressed in sample x then in the calibrator sample. A RQ of 0,1 means that the gene is 10 times less expressed.

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This is the real A in MA plot. In other words, it is the average of two log-scales values: A = (log2(x) + log2(y))/2 = log2(xy)*1/2. Terminology: baseMean: the mean expression of genes in the two groups. log2FoldChange: the log2 fold changes of group 2 compared to group 1. padj: the adjusted p-value of the used statiscal test. fdr
Fei Y, Sun YS, Li Y, Lau K, Yu H, Chokhawala HA, Huang S, Landry JP, Chen X and Zhu X (2011). Fluorescent labeling agents change binding profiles of glycan-binding proteins. Mol BioSyst, 7 3343-3352. Landry JP, Fei Y and Zhu X (2012). Simultaneous Measurement of 10,000 Protein-Ligand Affinity Constants Using Microarray-Based Kinetic Constant ...

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LOG function in excel is used to calculate the logarithm of a given number but the catch is that the base for the number is to be provided by the user itself, it is an inbuilt function which can be accessed from the formula tab in excel and it takes two arguments one is for the number and another is for the base.

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The red arrows indicate points-of-interest that display both large magnitude fold-changes (x axis) and high statistical significance (-log10 of p value, y axis). The dashed red line shows where p = 0.05 with points above the line having p < 0.05 and points below the line having p > 0.05.

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